ITHENTIC is not just a brand name. It’s all about being yourself and to be authentic. We are all different and unique!

The goal of our brand is to make you feel good and motivated while working out or while walking down the street to feel more confident.

“Be ITHENTIC because beauty and strength starts within”

Vegan streetwear

100 % Bio Cotton

The cotton used for our streetwear collection is 100% from organic cotton cultivation.

I S Shirt
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Streetwear certification

Good material and very comfortable! Also looks cool when combining with other outfits specially when you wear it for a street walk


Super aangenaam stofje om mee te sporten. Ik ga ermee fitnessen maar ook om mee te lopen zit het super aangenaam!


It’s a super comfortable top to wear! And it looks so good!
I love it!

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