Slim Boost - Vegan

Slim Boost - Vegan

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Slim Boost Vegan is a powder treatment, specially developed for weight loss and weight control. This vegetable weight loss product with unique ingredients gives less stress to the body and ensures overall well-being.

 Read here how you can achieve your ideal weight.


The Slim Boost Vegan is in powder form and has a light brown color. With a delicious soft taste of orange you take this drink every day before a meal. Depending on how much weight you want to lose, you choose the cure that suits you.

Today, half of the population is the latest overweight and it is a challenge to lose that extra weight with a normal diet and little exercise. Slim Boost ensures that you lose weight in a natural way. It reduces the feeling of hunger and the absorption of fats and carbohydrates. They are absorbed more slowly and to a lesser extent in the body. It reduces the appetite for sweet and salty. When the ideal weight is reached, the Slim Boost is your weight management partner. With one glass per day before a meal, your body maintains a nice weight (with a healthy lifestyle)

This Slim Boost is also suitable for athletes who want to train “dry” for bodybuilding. It helps to expel the last of fats and detoxifies the body. With beautiful natural ingredients that make the Mind “zen”.

The La Bru X products are free from Gluten, Nuts, GMO, Wheat, Lactose, Chemicals, Soy and Egg.The Slim Boost is a 100% natural weight loss product and contains high-quality ingredients such as Green Tea, Green Coffee, Matcha and Konjac. Completely natural and of course Vegan. 

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