X-Grow Vegan Body & Muscle Growth

X-Grow Vegan Body & Muscle Growth

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A powerful all-in-one formula with no less than 16 different amino acids for building and repairing muscles in a delicious vanilla flavor. A dose of natural vitamins and minerals.

All this in one concept is perfect for athletes who are building muscle system, but also perfect for people who are recovering from surgery, illness or to gain weight.

With the X-Grow Body & Muscle Growth formula you arrive in fats, but in bulk due to the beautiful natural mct oil of coconut. A healthy construction of the body for everyone. This new product is also unique in composition, completely natural and of of course vegan! A delicious structure of taste and a nice drink. Obviously with an energy booster in it.


For weight gain: 3 times a day after meals 40 grams with 200/300 ml water. Possibly with milk, soya, yogurt, juice, .. Once the ideal weight has been reached, slowly decrease.

For support in the healing process or support for diseases and chemotherapy: 1 time per day after the main meal.

For muscle building and / or athletes: 1 time or 2 times a day.
Servings: 40 grams = 1000 grams

Tip: Use a Shake cup to mix the powder well with water without lumps. Order your own Shake cup here.

Possible side effects:
Allergy: Vegan protein.

Not to be used with: Beauty Boost Vegan and Slim Boost Vegan.


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